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What number hits the most in roulette is a question many players would like to know. Whether you are playing American or European roulette, the winning numbers are selected by chance. However, to try and answer the question of which numbers come up most often,  there is research done, the use of a bit of maths and superstition.

Looking at the roulette table, we determine hot and cold numbers and what role “chance” plays in this. If you are interested in what exactly are hot and cold numbers, then stick with us.

what number hits the most in roulette


Hot and Cold Numbers

Firstly, hot numbers are digits that appear the most on a roulette wheel. Cold numbers are digits that don’t come up frequently. When you think about the fact that each time the wheel spins random numbers are chosen, it’s difficult to choose the right number. In essence, the hot and cold strategy is flawed and doesn’t improve your chances of winning.

What makes roulette an exciting casino game is that you can’t predict the outcome. However, if you want to look at placing your bets according to current hot and cold numbers there’s nothing stopping you. You’ll need to keep a record of the previous outcome and use basic maths to filter down the numbers. The hottest number is 7, followed by 17,23 and 24. The cold numbers are 3,6,13,34.

What Number Hits the Most In Roulette: Superstition Behind Number 7

Many players around the world believe 7 is a lucky number. Gamblers are always willing to bet on this number. Apparently, the number has produced positive results. Spiritually in many religions, it is considered a lucky number which mostly reoccurs compared to others.

For example, there are seven heavens in Hinduism and Islam, we experience seven days in a week. Buddha has seven factors of enlightenment. Even though 7 can bring about luck, there are numbers that will appear more than others. So, you never really know the common number that will come up but try your luck with 7 the next time you play roulette. BestUSA has a list of top-rated casinos where you can enjoy a game of online roulette.