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The best slot game to play at gambling sites is Gladiator Slot by Playtech. It has been rated 9/10 by many reviewers. Gladiator also boasts a 91.5% RTP and a $2 000 000 jackpot prize.

Read this guide to learn more about why we believe Gladiator is the best slot game to play at top gambling sites.

Best Slot Game

Best Slot Game – Gladiator Slot Game

Before, we mentioned that Gladiator has one of the best RTP rates in slot games with 91.5%. But that is not all that Gladiator has to bring to the table. Not only can you become a millionaire when playing Gladiator, but you can have fun doing so.

You might have guessed that this slot machine game is based on the Hollywood film released in 2000. This game is based on a famous movie, but it has made many people massive winners.

Gladiator slots provide the perfect balance between high and medium volatility that video slots and progressive slots provide. A lot of players enjoy playing this game because it’s of this balance.

How to Play Gladiator Slot Game Online

The game has three rows and five reels with 25 paylines, and you can enjoy several bonus rounds. The gameplay of Gladiator is quite simple for a variety of players.

However, the addition of the progressive jackpot elevates the game to a whole different level. When playing the game, you will need symbols like Commodus and Lucilla.  These symbols will help you stand a very good chance of winning the $2,000 000 when you have them.

This means you have a whole range of symbols, especially when adding the helmet and the Coliseum.

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  2. Mega Moolah – 88,12% RTP and $1,000,000 Jackpot value.
  3. Gold Fish – 96,00% RTP and 1,050,000 Jackpot.
  4. Lucky Leprechaun – 96.83% RTP and $500,000 jackpot.
  5. Carnival Cash – 95,96% RTP and $500, 000.