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The autohold option in video poker is of the greatest help to all kinds of players. Some of the video poker games you’ll encounter will have this feature while others will not. What this does, as you may guess by the name, is that it puts you on a virtual “auto-pilot.” It is built into the software and designed to make the best possible decision for you. the feature will decide on whether to hold your cards or not when you play. As you are watching the screen, you’ll literally see it marking certain cards to hold.  in turn, it is also designating the cards you want to get rid of, or discard.

When you sit down to play video poker, you already know that you are playing an enjoyable and fast-paced game. You also know that you can win a lot of money with video poker. You may have also familiarized with the basic principles of the game. This does not mean you don’t need a little help every now and again. Well, fortunately for you there may be an option at your disposal, Autohold!

autohold option in video poker

Why is Autohold highly recommended?

Autohold automatically arranged the best hand. Whether you know anything about video poker strategy or strategy in general authohold makes it possible for you to play video poker and win. Why do the casinos allow for this option, when it is obvious that it can help a player win more?

Well, because it facilitates the game moving at a faster pace. In turn, this increases the amount of money that is put across the game, and increase the casinos profit. The more hands that are played constitutes more volume on the game.

For players autohold is also a great way to learn the game nuances. You can get an idea of how to correctly play hands on how to maximize strategy. All of this having been said, you’ll want to keep something very squarely in mind. Autohold is designed to put you in the running to win the hand you are involved in. The mechanics of the game involves a lot of possibilities. It does not necessarily make the best percentage play for each situation. But it is better than nothing.

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Not only does autohold increasingly help players make better decisions but it makes decisions faster. See, when players contemplate a decision, the time adds up, and fewer hands are played.  Autohold turns decision making into something that is lightning-fast. This works out great for both players and the casino site. A top tip to all video poker players is always have the autohold option is turned on and you are playing the maximum bet size. To play video poker online, visit our regulated best online casinos USA today.