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Bonnie Evans | May 30, 2022 | Updated on: March 18th, 2024

terms used for roulette gamblingLearning roulette terms is an important part of being a successful gamer in the long-term. Getting a grip on the basic roulette terms and forming a roulette glossary is one of the first things that you need to do. Whether you’re playing at a famous US brick-and-mortar casino, or at an online roulette table, roulette terms will take you far.

Luckily, learning online roulette terms takes just a few minutes. You can even have this page open while you’re playing roulette online as a quick reference guide. We’ve created this roulette glossary of popular roulette gambling terms to help you quickly find the term that you need.

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Roulette Glossary Under A

  • Action: this is the total amount of wagered dollars over a period of time. This is usually used to keep track of comp points and loyalty programs.
  • Action Player: a person who consistently bets big at the wheel.
  • American Roulette: a version of roulette with a double zero pocket on the wheel. This gives the house a high edge

Definitions for Roulette Under B

  • Backtrack: the rim where the ball is spun. Also known as the ball-track.
  • Bankroll: the amount of money a player sets aside to play with.
  • Bet on the Layout: a wager that’s place anywhere on the number area of the table.
  • Biased Numbers: numbers that, statistically, are hit more often than other numbers on the wheel.
  • Big Number: another term for a biased number.
  • Black Action: players betting with black $100 chips.
  • Black Chips: when you wager that the next number will be black.
  • Block Betting: in certain a roulette betting strategy, this is when a set of numbers on one section of the wheel is bet as a group.
  • Bottom Track: the slanted inner area of the wheel. It doesn’t move when the wheel is spun. Another name for the backtrack.

Roulette Glossary Terms Under C

  • Cancellation Betting System: much like the LaBouchere System, this one uses a series of numbers that cancels numbers after winning a wager, and adds numbers after losing one.
  • Capping a Bet: considered a form of cheating, this is when a player secretly adds more chips to a winning number.
  • Carre: means ‘corner bet’ in French.
  • Chameleon Strategy: this refers to a player that starts mimicking another player’s strategy because they’re doing well.
  • Chasing Losses: increasing your bet size to win back what you lost. Not a good strategy.
  • Check Rack: where the casino chips are kept.
  • Cheval: French roulette term for a Spill Bet
  • Choppy Game: neither the house or the player wins the game.
  • Cold Table: a table where the players are on a losing streak and the house is winning.
  • Colonne: the French roulette term for a Column Bet.
  • Color Up: changing lower denomination chips to larger denominations.
  • Column Bet: a bet on one of the three columns, each with 12 numbers. It pays 2 to 1.
  • Combination Bet: any bet with one or more chips on two or more numbers.
  • Coup: to win on a single spin or bet.
  • Corner Bet: a bet that one of the four numbers on the layout will win.
  • Croupier: or the dealer, they take care of the roulette table.

Roulette Terms Glossary for Online GamingCommon Roulette Terms Used Under D

  • d’Alembert Betting System: a strategy where a player increases the bet size by one after a loss and decreases the bet size by one after a win.
  • Dead Table: a table that’s ready to be played but has no players.
  • Dolly: the marker placed over the winning number until all players have been paid.
  • Double Up System: players increase their bet by two after a loss to recover the previous bet.
  • Dozen Bet: wagering on one of the 12 sequences on the layout.
  • Drop: the total amount of money cashed at a table.

Roulette Terms Under E

  • Edge: A roulette term to describe the advantage the house has a game.
  • En Plein: French roulette term for Straight Up bet.
  • En Prison: a rule in European and French roulette, it applies to even money bets. When the ball lands on a zero, the casino allows the player to take back half their bet or leave it for another spin. If the next spin also lands on zero, the wager is lost.
  • European Roulette: the original version of roulette, it only has one zero which lowers the house edge. It’s most commonly found in European and Asian casinos.
  • Even Bet: betting that the numbers on the next spin will be even.
  • Even Money: a bet that pays 1 to 1 – betting black, even, odds, etc.

Definitions for Roulette Under F

  • Fibonacci Betting System: a strategy where each bet is a combination of the numbers that have been hit by the wheel.
  • Five Number Bet: this is known as the worst bet in roulette on an American wheel. It’s when a player bets on 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3.
  • Flat Bettor: a player that bets the same size or unit every time.
  • French Bets: these cover a certain section of the roulette wheel. Popular at European casinos among high rollers, it’s a bet that’s several bets in one.
  • French Roulette: a variation of roulette with only one zero pocket.

Roulette Glossary Terms Under G

  • George: a generous tipper.
  • Golden Numbers: also known as biased numbers, these are numbers that are hitting at a higher than normal frequency.
  • Grand Martingale: almost like the Martingale System, this is when a player doubles his bets after a loss.
  • Greens: the $25 chips.
  • Green Numbers: the zero and double zero slots on the roulette wheel.
  • Grind System: a strategy where you increase one unit after each win.
  • Guerrilla Gambling: when a player makes a score and then immediately leaves.

Common Terms Used in Roulette Under H

  • High Bet: betting the next number hit will be between 19 and 36.
  • High Roller: a player that gambles big money
  • Hot Table: a table where players win more than the house.
  • House Edge: the mathematical advantage a USA casino has over a player. Is usually expressed as a percentage. The house edge on European and French roulette is 2.70% while the American version has a 5.26% edge.

Roulette Terms Under I

  • Inside Bet: bets on the numbered inside area of the table.

Definitions for Roulette Under J

  • John: a good tipper.

Roulette Glossary Terms Under L

  • La Partage: similar to the En Prison rule, a player loses half their bet and it can’t be used for a later spin. This rule is used on outside even-money bets Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low. It can also apply to zero. La Partage and En Prison are both French Roulette terms.
  • Layout: the design of the roulette table.
  • Line Bet: this type of bet covers six number at a time (three numbers on two adjacent rows)
  • Long End of the Bet: a roulette term that describes a bet that pays off more than it collects.
  • Low Bet: betting on numbers between 1 and 18.
  • Low Roller: a roulette term describing a player that bets with small amounts of money.

Common Terms Used in Roulette Under M

  • Martingale System: a strategy where the player doubles their stake after losing each bet until they recover their money.
  • Match Play: a casino promotion where players get play chips and if their wagers win, they get real chips back.
  • Money at Risk: money being wagered at once.

Roulette Glossary Under N

  • Neighbors: the numbers that are left to right of the winning number.
  • Negative Progression: a system where you increase your bets after each loss.
  • Nickel: red $5 chip.
  • No Action: this is called every now and then during a spin. When it’s called, all bets a cancelled and the bets are removed.

roulette terms usa

Definitions for Roulette Under O

  • Odd: a bet on all the odd numbers. Pays out 1 to 1.
  • Orphans: betting on numbers that aren’t close together on the table but are close on the wheel. Usually it’s the numbers 6, 17, and 34.
  • Orphelins: a bet on a group of numbers that are neighbours on the wheel.
  • Outside Bets: placing wagers on the area outside the layout on the roulette table. They’re usually Red/Black or Odd/Even.

Roulette Glossary Terms Under P

  • Parlay: the act of doubling a bet after a win.
  • Pinching: considered cheating, this when a player removes chips off a losing number.
  • Positive Progression: an online roulette system where you increase your wager after a win.
  • Press: after a win, you increase the wagering amount.
  • Push: a tie

Common Terms Used in Roulette Under Q

  • Quarter Bet: betting that one of four numbers will win. It’s similar to the other roulette terms – corner bet and square bet.
  • Quarter: $25 that are mainly green.

Roulette Terms Under R

  • Rating: labelling the player and the betting amounts for comp points.
  • Red Bet: a roulette term describing an outside bet that pays 2:1 and wagers that the next spin will hit red
  • Run: a streak of similar events like 3 red or 6 odd numbers in a row.

S Roulette Terms

  • Scared Money: betting money you can’t afford to lose.
  • Section Slicing: dividing the wheel into sections based on hot numbers. This is used to discover biased numbers.
  • Session: the period of time a table is open for or the amount of time a player chooses to play.
  • Short End: the side of a bet that pays less than you win.
  • Six Number Bet: a bet that’s on the line.
  • Stack: 20 stacked roulette chips.
  • Straight Up Bet: an inside bet on only one number.
  • Street Bet: betting on one of three numbers hitting.
  • Surrender: when a casino only takes half of your bet if you land on zero or double zero.

T Roulette Glossary

  • Toke: term for tipping.
  • Tom: a bad tipper.
  • Trio Bet: the same as a street bet.
  • True Odds: the correct probability of an outcome.

V Roulette Terms

  • Vig/ Vigorish: the juice taken by the casino.

W Roulette Glossary

  • Wager: the same as a bet.
  • Wheel: refers to the roulette wheel.

Roulette GlossaryConclusion

In summary, understanding the language of roulette is crucial for success in the game. This roulette glossary provides a quick reference guide to essential gambling terms, making it easy for players to navigate both online and brick-and-mortar roulette experiences. From basic concepts like “Bankroll” to specific strategies such as the “Martingale System,” this comprehensive guide covers a wide range of terms, ensuring players can confidently engage in roulette gameplay. For those seeking to apply their knowledge, the recommended US roulette casinos offer excellent opportunities to practice and enjoy the game.

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