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Bonnie Evans | February 15, 2021 | Updated on: March 20th, 2024

horse racing bettingUS bettors now have the convenience of participating in online horse racing betting from home. Once seen as an elite sport, horse racing has evolved, with online betting proving accessible to all. With almost 30 states legalizing horse race betting, enthusiasts can place their bets on regulated and secure platforms, either through desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Some sites even offer betting via phone or touch-tone service, making it easier than ever to engage in this exciting pastime.

Best Horse Betting Sites

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How to Bet on Horse Racing

If you are asking yourself how to bet on horse races, well it is relatively easy. The digital age has seen the internet become home to several regulated top online betting site on the internet that have the easiest bet placing process. Bettors no longer have to leave the house to place a wager over the counter.

  1. Sign up to a horse racing website and complete the registration process.
  2. Fund your account by making a deposit.
  3. Place your bet by picking a race track, race number, horse number, the type of bet you would like to make and the amount of money you want to bet.
  4. Wait to see what happens by watching the action happen live.
  5. Collect your winnings.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Here are the types of horse racing bets you can find:

Basic bets

When placing a basic bet, punters can only bet on one horse.

  • Win: Bettors place a bet on a horse, and if the horse comes first, you win.
  • Place: If the bettors’ horse finishes in first or second place, you win.
  • Show: You win if your horse is placed first, second or third. The chances of winning are higher.

Exotic Single-race Bets

  • Exacta: Bettors pick two horses which will be placed first and second. The horses have to take first and second place in that order for you to win.
  • Hi-5: if a bettor picks the first five finishing horses they win.
  • Quinella: Bettors pick two horses, and if the horses take first and second place, you win.
  • Trifecta: bettors have to select the first three horses to finish the race to win.
  • Superfecta: if a bettor can choose the first four horses to finish the race they win.

Exotic Multi-Race Bets

  • Daily Double: Two set races will make the daily double. Bettors have to pick a horse from each race and place the bet before the first race. If both horses finish first in their races, you win.
  • Pick 3: Players have to pick three horses in three consecutive races. If all three horses are placed first, you win.
  • Pick 4: Players have to pick three horses in four consecutive races. To win all four horses have to come first.
  • Pick 5: To win Punters have to pick five horses taking part in five straight races. If all five horses are placed first, you win.
  • Pick 6: Bettors have to pick six horses in six consecutive races. If all six horses are placed first, you win. This is the biggest bet bettors can make and can stand to win big.


Top Five Horse Racing Tips

  • Favourite horses have the lowest odds and wagering on the favourites offers players a 33 percent chance of winning.
  • Before placing your bet, look out for the handicapping factors.
  • Make different kinds of bets.
  • Shop around for some of the best odds.
  • Keep your bankroll under strict management.

Famous Horse Races in the US

The Triple Crown as it is known by many horse racing bettors in the USA is the three most prestigious American horse races.

  • Kentucky Derby: The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the triple crown. The horse races are held in Louisville, Kentucky and are run every year. It is a two-week festival which takes places from the first Saturday of May. If you are planning a trip to Louisville, we suggest you plan your trip around the derby to get the best of Churchills Downs.
  • Preakness Stakes: the second leg of the Triple Crown takes place in Maryland, Baltimore at the Pimlico racetrack. The horse race takes place in the third Saturday of May which is two weeks after the Kentucky Derby. Preakness Stakes offers bettors fantastic experience packages to make the most of the trip down.
  • Belmont Stakes is where the galloping kings take part in the final leg of the Triple Crown. For a horse to take part in the Belmont Stakes, it has to have won both the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby.

Horse Racing Betting Terms

  • Dead heat: When two or more horses finish the race at an exact tie
  • Furlong: This is a horse racing distance measure which is one-eighth of a mile.
  • Grade: is when the term used to class horse races according to the quality of the horse
  • OTB: an acronym for ‘Off Track Betting.’ These bets are placed at venues that don’t have their horse racing.
  • Post Position: the position the horse is at the starting gate. This position also tends to be the horse’s number.
  • Post Time: is the assigned start time of the race.
  • Purse: is the term used to describe the prize money for a race.
  • Trotting: is a type of horse racing which does not let the horses gallop.

Drug Reform on Horse Racing Criticised


Horse racing betting in the US offers excitement and opportunity for all levels of enthusiasts. From traditional wagers to exotic bets, understanding the sport and approaching betting responsibly are key. Whether at the track or online, the thrill of horse racing betting awaits those ready to immerse themselves in this dynamic and engaging pastime.

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