MGM Japan Casino Debut Delayed to 2030, Costs Surge by $1.29 Billion

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In a surprising development, MGM Resorts has announced a significant setback in its plans to debut a casino in Japan. Initially slated for the coming years, the expected opening has been postponed until 2030. This delay is due to unforeseen challenges during the project’s development. Moreover, the projected costs for the casino have seen a staggering increase, now soaring to a total of $1.29 billion.

MGM Japan Casino Debut Delayed

Challenges and Roadblocks

The decision to postpone the casino’s debut comes as MGM Resorts faces many challenges. These include regulatory hurdles, changes in local laws, and complications in securing the necessary permits and licenses. Navigating Japan’s intricate regulatory landscape has proven more complex and time-consuming than initially anticipated.

Construction Costs Soar

Alongside the postponement, the budget for the MGM Japan casino has seen a remarkable surge. The initial estimated cost of $2.5 billion has now risen to an astonishing $3.79 billion. This cost escalation is attributed to various factors, including increased construction expenses, changes in project scope, and the extended timeline.

Impact on the Casino Landscape

MGM Resorts’ decision to delay the Japan casino opening until 2030 may have broader implications for the global casino industry. It offers other casino operators a glimpse into the intricacies and challenges of establishing a foothold in the Japanese market. Additionally, the cost overruns highlight the financial risks associated with large-scale casino development ventures.

MGM’s Commitment

Despite the setbacks, MGM Resorts remains committed to its Japan casino project. The company is dedicated to delivering a world-class integrated resort that aligns with Japan’s vision for its casino industry. They believe the extra time and investment will result in a premier destination that draws visitors worldwide.


The postponement of MGM Resorts’ Japan casino debut to 2030 and the significant cost increase underscores the complexities and uncertainties inherent in the global casino industry. While challenges persist, the company’s determination to bring its vision to life demonstrates its commitment to creating a remarkable and successful integrated resort in Japan. The coming years will reveal whether these efforts will ultimately pay off in the lucrative Japanese market.