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Quick pick for lottery games is not better because it gives you the same chances of winning as the self-picked numbers. What’s more, it has shown that 70% of winners have won using the quick pick.

However, about 70% or 80% of people choose quick pick when playing lottery games. This means that the same percentage of players are winning compared to those who picked their numbers.

So, there is not much difference between the two options, and instead, it is all about personal preference. People have different reasons why they choose to use their numbers and those who choose a quick pick.

is quick pick better

Choosing Quick Pick

Most of the time, people who choose quick pick are the ones that don’t have time to pick their numbers but still want to bet on the lottery. It has its advantages because you will be done with the process much quicker.

The number is randomly selected by the computer, similar to how the winning numbers are selected. Hence, the self-picked numbers and the quick pick numbers both give you the same chances of winning.

People who choose numbers themselves want to use numbers that mean something to them, hoping that it will bring them luck to win since there is meaning.

The upside is that you have no control over which numbers the computer chooses for you and can’t base them on statistics of previous games.

Play Lottery Games Online

Whichever method you use to choose your numbers doesn’t change the odds of winning. So, you can decide on personal preference. You can test out both options by interchanging when you are betting or if your bankroll allows by buying more than one ticket.

You can choose your numbers for the other and quickly pick and see which one wins. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will win over the other. If you are interested in playing lottery games, you can do it online to choose from different games.