How Do You Tell If a Scratch Off is a Winner Without Scratching?

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There is no way to tell that is scratch-off is a winning card without scratching it. You can only check the odds of winning at the back of the scratch card before you scratch it. Anyone who says you can they are just bluffing because there is honestly no way of knowing.

There are many gamblers’ fallacies, which could be one reason why some players will think that you can tell if you have won without revealing the outcome of the card. If there has been anyone who could predict a winning scratch card, it was just a lucky guess.

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How to Check if You Won a Scratch Off

As we have mentioned, there is no way to tell if a scratch-off is a winner without scratching it off. This means you will need to scratch the card off for you to know whether you have won or not. Besides scratching the card, you can also visit the lottery website and check if your card has won.

Some of the state lotteries have apps where you can also scan your card to check. You can check if your card has won and what are the remaining prizes to be won. You can also visit the retailer where you bought the scratch cards and check the card.

Scratch Cards Odds of Winning

One thing you can check is the odds of you winning the scratch-offs. There are different variations of scratch cards and jackpots that they offer. The odds will be different per game and jackpots. What’s more, you can even check the odds before you buy the scratch cards.

If you want to improve your odds of winning a scratch card, you can buy more than one card. However, this does not guarantee that all the cards you would have bought will be a winner. All lottery games are based on luck. Always keep that in mind whenever you want to play.