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If you know anything about poker, it is that there are many variants of the game. Most of these two variations can be divided into two main types – stud and draw poker.

The major difference between these two sub-categories is that ins stud poker (for example, 5 Card Stud), players are dealt cards face up and face down over several rounds. However, with draw poker (for example, 5 Card Draw), you are dealt a complete hand before any betting starts. You later get a chance to try and alter your hand by discarding cards.

In the early days of poker, draw games tended to be slightly more popular with players. However, these days, stud poker is more popular and these are the variations that you will often find at online casinos. Popular options include Razz games, Caribbean stud, High-low, and the traditional Five and Seven Card stud variants.

If you are looking to learn how to play stud poker, we have a quick run-through of general gameplay and the game mechanics down below. Once you have gone through our guide, we suggest that you join one of our casinos and play a few practice rounds.

how to play stud poker

Stud Poker: How to Play Step-By-Step

Although there are many variations of stud poker, most games follow a gameplay process that is more or less the same barring some minor differences. Overall, the following steps should surmise the average gameplay experience of a stud game:

  1. Every game starts with players adding an agreed-upon stake to the pot. Players are then dealt with some cards, usually two. One will be face down and the other face up.
  2. Players are then given a chance to bet, raise (increase the bet), call (match a previous bet) or fold (give up). Betting starts with the player with the lowest-ranked visible card.
  3. Another card is dealt to each player and the betting process repeats itself. This overall process continues until all players have the number of cards stipulated by the game rules in their hand. So, for example, with Five Card Stud, this process would repeat about four times.
  4. When everyone has a full hand, the last bets are made and players have a final chance to give in. If there is more than one player left in the game, a showdown ensues. Players reveal their cards to each other and the player with the highest-ranked hand wins the pot.

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Should I Play Stud Poker?

As we mentioned above, the poker variations available at poker sites usually fall under the stud subcategory. This excludes Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Pai Gow Poker. Overall, stud variations are thought to be easier than Omaha poker online but harder than Texas Hold’em.

If you’re looking for something new to play that requires slightly more skill than Texas Hold’em, we recommend trying a stud game. Perhaps, start with a standard five-card stud game before moving on to something more difficult.

Before jumping in with real money bets, remember that all of our recommended casinos allow you to practice playing casino games for free. So, use that to your advantage.