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It is possible to gamble with no money. It may sound like it is too good to be true, but it is not. You can still win some money while you have no money to place bets. However, this does not mean that it is a way to make money on gambling without risking any money. The same will apply in that all kinds of gambling are based on luck. This means you could probably still not make any money even without it.

Gamble with no Money

Gambling Without Money

Here are the ways that you can gamble with no money.

Get No Deposit Bonus Offer

It is no surprise why this kind of offer is very popular amongst players. A casino will offer a no deposit bonus that does not require you to deposit into the casino. What’s’ more, there is also a chance for you to withdraw some of the winnings you would have made from the bonus.

However, it is important that you read the terms and conditions of the no deposit offer before you claim it. There will be a cap on how much you can withdraw, but some casinos won’t allow you to withdraw.

Enter Second Chance Drawings

In the United States lottery, you have a chance to enter the second chance lottery with your ticket that did not win the main game. However, the jackpots on the second chance drawings will not be as big as those on the main game. This does not guarantee that you will win the second-chance drawings. You will just be giving yourself another chance to win with the same ticket. The odds are still the same as the ones for the main games.

Join Sweepstakes

Winners for a sweepstake are drawn randomly and are given prize giveaways. The prizes are different and can range from simple t-shirts to houses or even cars. Some of the sweepstakes will even award money as prizes. You will also get more entries by referring your friends to join the sweepstakes. This gives you a better chance of winnings since you have more than one entry to win.


You can still enjoy gambling with no money. However, always remember to be a responsible player. If you have no money to gamble, it is better to stop and come back again when you have the funds to do so. You can take up gambling without money for entertainment, don’t think about it as trying to make money.