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Like gambling online, anime is becoming a huge hit in Western mainstream pop culture. Viewers of all ages are spending their time enjoying shows such as Naruto, Spirited Away, Pokémon and much more. While these are legendary anime titles, did you know that there is an entire niche of gambling anime that you can enjoy? Well, there is, and we have found the top five anime shows that you can watch when you aren’t focused at casino tables.

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Top 5 Gambling Anime Shows

1.     One Outs – sports betting

This show is for sports betting enthusiasts. The show is a combination of sports betting and baseball. The gambling anime takes us through a journey of a baseball team owner. Toua Tokuchi is a risk-taker who also happens to be a gifted athlete. His contract states that for every out Tokuchi pitches, he earns 5 million Yen. On the other hand, for every run he gives up, he loses $50 million Yen. The intensity of the show reminds us a lot of when you need the team to score one more point for you to win your bet.

2.     Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor – poker

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is widely regarded as one of the best gambling anime of all time. This manga series features poker variations, pachinko games, and a game where characters cross a 74-meter-high steel beam. You can tag along on Kaiju Itou’s journey into the world of underground gambling as an innocent victim of Japan’s economic stagnation in the 1990s. While Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji isn’t the most visually appealing show nor is it conventional, it is incomparable in its depiction of the magnitude of gambling and the consequences of Kaiji’s decisions.

3.     Kakegurui – blackjack

This anime show features a lot of drama and mystery while showcasing the life of a compulsive gambler. Kakegurui is an excellent watch if you want to see a dramatized view of the dark side of the gambling world. The action-packed anime about the dangers of high stakes gambling with an overarching plot.  We are immersed in life at Hyakkaou Private Academy, a prestigious private school where society’s most wealthy individuals gain status by gambling their fortunes. The casino games that make an appearance include blackjack and bingo.  But there are other legendary games that are shown such as Rock Paper Scissors and Life or Death.

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4.     Rio: Rainbow Gate! – casino games

If some of your favorite casino games include blackjack, roulette, slots and Texas hold em, look no further than Rio: Rainbow Gate! The show tells the story of a young and ambitious dealer attempting to work her way to the top of the luxurious resort. She wants to become the Most Valuable Dealer by competing to be crowned MVD at the resort. Rio: Rainbow Gate has it all in terms of actual gambling content.

5.     Saki – Mahjong

This anime manages to inject energy and fun into the simple gameplay of Mahjong, and it can hook you even if you’ve never touched a tile before. Saki Miyanaga has a complicated relationship with Mahjong; if she won or simply lost, she would lose her New Year’s gift money to her parents. She quickly figured out how to walk the line between winning and losing, aiming for a neutral score of zero. How will she cope when a friend forces her to join her school’s Mahjong Club? It’s a sweet and simple run with 25 episodes.

Final Thought

While there aren’t as many anime gambling shows as you might expect, there are many other series where gambling and chance play a role in the plot. Gambling does not have to be a part of the plot for you to enjoy a well-executed series, which are staples of the anime industry.

As you can see, the options available will undoubtedly entice you to play for yourself. If you do, you can find anime-themed slots at reputable online casinos. As you play some of these exciting games, tell us what you think of these anime shows!