Cordish Companies Set to Acquire Former Diamond Jacks Casino in Bossier City

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Change is a constant in business, and the gaming and hospitality industry is no exception. The news of the former Diamond Jacks Casino in Bossier City nearing a sale to the Cordish Companies has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community. This acquisition signifies a transition in ownership and holds the promise of revitalizing a historic establishment and ushering in a new era of entertainment and leisure. This blog post delves into the significance of this impending sale and what it means for the local community and the wider gaming industry.


A Glimpse into History

The Diamond Jacks Casino has a storied past, having served as a prominent entertainment destination in Bossier City for years. Its iconic presence along the Red River has made it a recognizable landmark, attracting visitors from near and far. However, changing market dynamics and the evolving preferences of modern consumers necessitated a transformation for this beloved establishment.

Enter the Cordish Companies

The Cordish Companies, renowned for their expertise in real estate development, gaming, and entertainment ventures, have emerged as the prospective buyers of the former Diamond Jacks Casino. With an impressive portfolio that includes successful projects like the Live! Casino & Hotel in Maryland, the Cordish Companies are well-equipped to breathe new life into this casino space.

A Vision for the Future

The acquisition by the Cordish Companies promises a change in ownership and a comprehensive revitalization effort. The company is known for its commitment to creating immersive entertainment destinations that cater to diverse audiences. Their focus on blending gaming, dining, live entertainment, and luxurious accommodations is likely to reshape the way visitors experience the former Diamond Jacks Casino.

Community Impact

Beyond the immediate business implications, the acquisition substantially benefits the local community. A revamped casino will likely generate new job opportunities, boost tourism, and contribute to the overall economic growth of Bossier City. Additionally, the Cordish Companies have a track record of engaging with and supporting their communities, potentially leading to positive social contributions.

Innovation and Adaptation

The gaming industry has been transforming, with an increasing emphasis on creating holistic entertainment experiences rather than just traditional gambling. The Cordish Companies’ acquisition of the former Diamond Jacks Casino aligns with this trend, demonstrating the industry’s resilience and adaptability.


As the Cordish Companies prepare to take the former Diamond Jacks Casino reins in Bossier City, the stage is set for a dynamic transformation. This impending sale isn’t just about changing hands; it’s about revitalizing a historic establishment, reimagining entertainment experiences, and fostering community growth. The story of the former Diamond Jacks Casino serves as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the gaming industry and its ability to embrace change while honouring its rich history. Keep an eye out for the unfolding chapters of this exciting journey into the future of entertainment in Bossier City.