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Success in gambling ultimately comes down to luck. Its very possible to play your cards right, use the right strategy, make smart moves, and know all the rules of the game, but still end up losing and walking away with no money.

Chinese people seem to have come up with a way to get luck on your side by means of their lucky charms. Chinese people are generally very cultured and have rich history and strict beliefs. Their lucky charm ideologies are there to bring good fortune to all those who use them, and we believe that some of these Chinese lucky charms can be used to bring good luck to your gambling ventures as well.

Top 5 Chinese Lucky Charms That Work

There are many Chinese charms and symbols, but we’ve shortlisted them to 5 of the best. Have a look at what they are below.

  1. Pinyin
  2. Chinese Dragons
  3. Oranges
  4. Red Envelopes
  5. Lucky Numbers

Lucky Charms For Gambling


The Pinyin (fu) symbol is one most associated with luck, prosperity, and good fortune in the Chinese culture. Its common practice for Chinese people to hang the symbol on their front doors during cultural festivals like the Chinese New Year or the Chinese Spring Festival. It’s said to keep poverty away, and is a tradition that’s been coming along since 256 B.C. Keeping the symbol nearby when you gamble might not be a bad idea.

Chinese Dragons

Dragons are widely presented in Chinese culture. There are 9 in total and each one has its own unique name, and qualities. Baxia, the turtle dragon is the most popular of them all. This dragon symbol is said to bring strength, prosperity, and health.


An orange, yes, the actual fruit, is one of the many lucky charms among Chinese people. Oranges are apparently full of yang energy, which is known for making people feel fresh, uplifted and happy. Their radiant colour and distinct aroma further adds to this perception.

Some people have even gone as far as carrying oranges in their pockets when visiting casinos because of the good energy that it brings.

Red Envelopes

In Chinese culture, the color red is associated with passion, love and prosperity. This comes through in any ways like the red clothing they wear, buildings and other cultural symbols. Red envelopes have a special reference too. Using a red envelope to gift someone is considered good practice. You can also carry one in your purse or pocket if you are in need of luck or good fortune.

Lucky Numbers

The Chinese people even have their own set of lucky numbers which they believe are meant to bring good luck and fortune in times of need. This lucky charm is perhaps most relevant to gambling especially in games like lottery, keno, bingo and even blackjack.

There are several lucky numbers and 3, 5 and 8 are among the luckiest of them all. These numbers are often used as a guide for momentous occasions in life. You can also use them in casino games, and hopefully win real money. There are also a few that’s considered unlucky. The number 4 is one of them. So, stay clear of that one.